Become a member of KA Friends

Free membership of Kunsthal Aarhus' friends association!

Become an ambassador for Kunsthal Aarhus – join KA Venner and come closer to contemporary art.

As a special initiative, it’s free to become a member of KA Venner. In return we hope, that we arouse your interest in contemporary art, and that you, as an ambassador, want to help us spread the message about the activities  in Kunsthal Aarhus to your network; you become an  ambassador for a historical exhibition space that has exhibited, communicated and discussed contemporary art for almost 100 years.

Members’ benefits
– 50% discount on admission in other Kunsthals, that are members of FKD (Association for Kunsthals in Denmark:

As a member you will gain influence in an association that is a passionate about contemporary art. You will get the opportunity to take part in an on-going dialogue with the kunsthal and you will be entitled to vote at the Annual Generel Assembly, where a work of art is distributed among the members every year.

As a member of KA Friends you will be updated on events in the house. At the same time we will send out information and invitations on email, when special things take place in the house, also the special events for KA Friends.

Check out the association’s Facebook page.

How to become a member
- send an email to (pick up the members' card in the café) or stop by the café
- join the newsletter and like KA Friends on Facebook