Fran Gallardo

  • Scientist
  • Artist

Francisco J. Fernández Gallardo (a.k.a. Fran Gallardo) (SP) is a cultural “thingker” whose background includes studies in design, biochemistry and space systems engineering. Within the umbrella of critical practices, or practice as critique, Francisco's work explores forms of environmentally embedded violence as the interface between ecology, technology and society. He is currently developing forms of tongue-led inquiry into the multiple scales of biopower, governability and everyday life flowing through the North Sea. Some examples are the material intractability of global trade, the diminishing virtual negantropism of maritime finalisation, immiserated remote labour-power, alluring myths of ecological cosmopolitanism and other forms of slow violence. Francisco is a Doctoral Student in the School of Geography and the New Media Art and Technology Lab both at Queen Mary University.



Performance: Aarhus Water, Aarhus (Earth) Cola and Edible Flowers

Tasting event: Dreaming in tongues/舌頭/langues/ بألسنة/tunger