Neil Cummings

  • Artist
  • Researcher

Neil Cummings was born in Wales and lives in London, and he is professor at Chelsea College of Arts, and a member of Critical Practice and part of the editorial board of Documents of Contemporary Art with Whitechapel Gallery. He has worked with museums, banks, galleries, archives, auction houses, enthusiasts, places of education and department stores in London, New York, Geneva, Cairo and Warsaw. Cummings has evolved a multidisciplinary art practice that often requires an intense period of research within the specific contexts in which art is produced, distributed and encounters its audiences. Principally, this has meant working directly with museums, galleries, archives and art schools. He often works collaboratively with other artists, curators, academics, researchers or producers to create artworks, exhibitions and events from existing collections or contexts. He has made exhibitions such as Enthusiasm at the Whitechapel Gallery, curated film programmes such as ‘Social Cinema’ which took up several temporary locations in central London, written and edited films such as Museum Futures, and he has distributed books including The Value of Things. Currently, Cummings is interested in the political economy of creativity, and how art is instituted. Together with a part of Critical Practice and a group of utopographers, he has organized Evaluation, Consensus and Location at Chelsea College of Arts, in March, and he has collaborated with Kunsthal Aarhus on The Perfect Institution: Culture 2017. 


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