16.06.2014 - 22.11.2014
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Invisible Islands at the Media Architecture Biennale 2014

Sébastien Pierre

During the summer 2014 Canadian artist Sébastien Pierre has been in residence at CAVI (Aarhus University) for the month of August to develop his project Invisible Islands that responds to the pervasiveness of wireless networks in the city....

26.09.2014 - 31.12.2014
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Systemics #4 Events

26 September, 17.30-17.45
Reading: Glenn Christian, on the occasion of the exhibition preview

27 September, 11.00 - 17.00
Seminar: Avantgarde as Network, convened by Marianne Ping Huang, with speakers including Lars Bang...

27.09.2014 - 31.12.2014
  • Exhibition

Systemics #4: Aarhus Rapport - Avantgarde as network (or, the politics of the ultralocal)

Eric Andersen

Antipyrine / Sønderholm

Dave Hullfish Bailey

Glenn Christian

Johannes Christoffersen

Sture Johannesson

Jakob Jakobsen

Kirsten Justesen

Ferdinand Ahm Krag

Lasse Krog Møller

New Media

Ou Ning / Bishan Commune

Museum of Ordure

Poul Pedersen

Lea Porsager

C.F. Reuterswärd

Show-Bix &

William Louis Sørensen


Kunsthal Aarhus is proud to present the concluding exhibition in its SYSTEMICS SERIES, the artistic programme for 2013-2014.

The exhibition Aarhus Rapport – Avantgarde as network (or, the politics of the ultralocal) ...

08.10.2014 - 16:00-18:00
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Book Launch: Arkipelaget


In collaboration with The Jutland Art Academy, the School of Architecture in Aarhus publishes a series of lampoons about artistic development work, under the title Arkipelaget. Arkipelaget number 4, 5 and 6 are released Wednesday the 8th of October,...

08.10.2014 - 19:00-21:00
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Film Screening: Nausia and Concept

Eric Andersen

Poul Gernes

Peter Louis Jensen

Ole John

Kirsten Justesen

Per Kirkeby

Arthur Køpcke

Kasper Lauritzen

William og Erik Liljenberg

Bjørn Nørgaard

Jytte Rex

Organised by: Mathias Ruthner, Kasper Lauritzen, Klaus Marthinus.

During the Sixties the film media had an almost euphoric role in the Danish art scene. The camera literally became a hand-tool for collective and individual film-projects and...

11.10.2014 - 02.11.2014
  • Event

Flying Scores

Eric Andersen

George Brecht

Arthur Køpcke

William Louis Sørensen

Takehisa Kosugi

The project Flying Scores  is part of the exhibition Systemics #4 and can be seen at exhibit space Spanien 19C.

Spatial installation, with a reference to fluxus events, which took place in Aarhus in the Sixties. Scores from these...