03.11.2015 - 26.04.2017
  • Exhibition

Shaped Canvas Track

Jeroen Bouweriks

Linda Beumer

Come and try Kunsthal Aarhus' running track. 

Shaped Canvas Track is designed by the Dutch artist/designer duo Jeroen Bouweriks & Linda Beumer...

31.08.2016 - 06.11.2016
  • Exhibition

Spectacles without Objects

Louise Hervé

Chloé Maillet

Spectacles without Objects explores – through text, images and sound recordings – specific occurrences of utopian performances in the past, way before the XXth century, before the moment Modern Art History usually assigns to the beginnings of...

01.09.2016 - 25.08.2017
  • Exhibition

A Real Danish Family

Danmarks Radio

Statens Museum for Kunst

Kunsthal Aarhus

Gillian Wearing

Entering into a unique collaboration, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), the National Gallery of Denmark (SMK), the City of Copenhagen and Kunsthal Aarhus have joined forces to realise a visionary project by acclaimed British artist Gillian...

27.09.2016 - 31.03.2017
  • Exhibition

Ulysses Jukebox

Olof Olsson

As the title reveals, Olof Olsson’s work, Ulysses Jukebox, consists of a jukebox and James Joyce’s novel Ulysses – the latter in a recorded version performed by ninety-eight Danish cultural figures. The recording documents a non-stop...

16.11.2016 - 30.12.2016
  • Exhibition

The Conference


Cortisone is pounding. Tightened necktie, filled Mont Blanc. Keep the spine straight! Just remember, in this world everything is for sale. Knees are shaking but the paper is steady. The orthopedic is lurking beneath the floor. Sharpened scalpel...

16.11.2016 - 30.12.2016
  • Exhibition


Korakrit Arunanondchai (TH)

Jakob S. Boeskov (DK)

Cécile B. Evans (USA)

Kim Heecheon (KR)

Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet (FR)

Michel Houellebecq (FR)

Nadya Grishina (RU)

Abu Bakarr Mansaray (SL)

Nathaniel Mellors (UK)

Rolf Nowotny (DK)

Agnieszka Polska (PL)

Mika Rottenberg (AR)

Peter Wächtler (DE)

Grégorie Chamayou (F)

Mark von Schlegell (US)

Roman V. Yampolskiy (LV)

Aphex Twin (IE)

Nathalie Quintane (FR)

The cryptic title iwillmedievalfutureyou5 dissolves time by pointing back and ahead at the same time. ‘I will' is an action that points ahead, describing or predicting something that is about to happen – such as "I will kill you" or "I will...