15.Oct.2015 - 15:00
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The workshop COLLECTIVE AUTUMN HOLIDAYS will be followed by a screening of Antboy. The film is about 12 -year-old Pelle Nøhrmann, who lives in Middelby and wishes that he was someone else. He is in fact so normal that nobody notices him. But when Pelle is bitten by a genetically engineered ant, he gets superpowers and fights criminals in a row. He develops a secret identity and becomes the cool superhero Antboy! 

The film screening is for free (and not a part of the workshop).

We're looking forward to see you! 

Director: Ask Hasselbalch ( DK, 2013 , 77min . ) 

The film is shown in relation to the current exhibition ANTS ' WAY.

Image: Nimbus Film (2013 )



Workshop for Children: Collective Autumn Holidays