18.Jan.2014 - 14:00-15:00
  • Talk

Democratizing Money: Alternative Currencies As a Step Towards More Equitable and Just Communities

Georgios Papadopoulos

One of the main challenges of the financial collapse of 2008 is to put the monetary system under democratic control without compromising the wellbeing of the society. The idea of re-organizing the economic system on more equitable and just principles by introducing an alternative system of economic exchange and valuation has been tried before, but the crisis has given new impetus to the idea.

In the presentation Georgios Papadopoulos reflects on the importance of alternative currencies both as means of alleviating economic hardship and as experiments in the collective control of the economy. The cultural sector will be a point of focus since it is strongly affected by the economic downturn and also because alternative systems of exchange and support have been part of the exceptional economy of the arts. Artistic practice has been experimenting with the economy and can provide important insights for the workings both for the mainstream system of market exchange and for its alternatives.