06.Jul.2018 - 23.Sep.2018
  • Exhibition


Sidsel Meineche Hansen

Sidsel Meineche Hansen’s exhibition End-user at Kunsthal Aarhus juxtaposes new and existing works. The exhibition is the first in a trilogy of exhibitions, PRE-ORDER I-III, that centre on the development of a sex robot available for pre-order. The cumulative exhibition concept, which comprises market surveys, prototyping and an investment model, was created by Sidsel Meineche Hansen for Kunsthal Aarhus, KunstWerke, Berlin and SMK, Copenhagen. 

The three exhibitions have separate titles and feature works created specifically for the individual institutions, but share the same conceptual and thematic framework, focusing on the industrial complex that connects the sex robot to physical labour. Robot means ‘forced labour’. Thus, ideas about colonisation and the body as commodity are key to the production and critique of the sex robot as a model and as a work of art.   

Taking her starting point in her own exhibition SECOND SEX WAR at Gasworks Gallery, London and Trondheim Art Museum (2016), Meineche Hansen continues her research into the body and the reproduction and copying of bodies as potential physical and/or virtual avatars. Meineche Hansen uses her sculptures, watercolours, clay reliefs, laser-cut woodcuts and computer-generated images as media for critical explorations of the virtual world. The exhibition presents works created by means of advanced digital technologies alongside entirely analogue objects. With this combination, the artist interweaves and discusses issues pertaining to the institutionalised and sexualised body.

Danish Artist Sidsel Meineche Hansen is educated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 2007, she has studied at Städelschule in Frankfurt and received an MA in Research Architecture from Goldsmiths, University of London. She is a Professor at Funen Art Academy in Odense. Meineche Hansen works with materials such as woodcut, sculpture and computer-generated images and virtual reality animation, and focusses on the complexity of the body in industries such as the pharmaceutics, pornography and technology. Meineche Hansen has taught at, amongst others, CalArts in Los Angeles and Goldsmiths University of London. She also helped to create the artist collective Model Court in London.

Exhibition period: 6 July – 23 September, 2018
Opening: 6 July, 5pm

Gallery 4, 5