25.Feb.2015 - 26.Jul.2015
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Film Screenings: Spring 2015

The film programme for the first half of 2015 revolves around the idea of COLLECTIVE MAKING. In its essence the art of film is a collective practice often dependable on the collaborative effort of a number of specialists from script writers to camera crew and actors. Most often the director is the person that supervises the creative process, supplies the overall artistic vision and gives the film its signature, but it is the entire crew that makes the realization of the production possible. The focus on the inherent element of COLLECTIVE MAKING associated with the medium is combined with a number of stories where the idea or practices of the collective plays an important part. This selection aims at illuminating how the theme is central to avant-garde, documentary as well as popular fiction films.       


25 February, 6pm
Star Wars Uncut. Director: Casey Pugh ( - 2010, 124 min.)
Introduction by Peter Ole Pedersen

25 March, 6pm
Mein Liebster Feind. Director: Werner Herzog (Germany/UK/USA, 1999, 95 min.)

29 April, 6pm
Symbiopsychotaxiplasm Take One. Director: William Greaves (USA, 1968, 75 min.)
Introduction by Peter Ole Pedersen

27 May, 6pm
Man with a Movie Camera. Director: Dziga Vertov (Soviet Union, 1929, 68 min.) 
Live soundtrack-performance by Jakob Schweppenhäuser

24 June, 9pm
The Source Family. Directors: Maria Demopoulos & Jodi Wille (USA, 2013, 99 min.)

26 August, 9pm
The Idiots. Director: Lars von Trier (Denmark, 1998, 117 min.)

The film programme for Spring 2015 is curated by Peter Ole Pedersen, research assistant at Aarhus University, curator and artist. He has a background in art history and just finished a dissertation on documentary film between avant-garde practice, popular culture and net-distribution titled A Pixelated Reality. Pedersen has worked as an artist for fifteen years with a number of exhibitions and publications and curates the ongoing project The Piccadilly Exhibition Company in collaboration with researcher Kristian Handberg and artist Lasse Krog Møller.                                                         



Film Night: Hellstrøm Rapporten

Film Screening: The Idiots

Peter Ole Pedersen