30.Jan.2016 - 14:00-15:30
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Tasting event: Dreaming in tongues/舌頭/langues/ بألسنة/tunger

Fran Gallardo

Audrey Samson

Kunsthal Aarhus invites to a special event with the research and artist couple Fran Gallardo and Audrey Samson. The event is in relation to the current exhibition Stongue by the artist collective Slavs and Tatars.

Imagine a madeleine that could inspire true Nordic dreams. Remembering is a form of sublimated eating, epitomised by Marcel Proust's Remembrance of Things Past. The narrator famously describes the flood of memories invoked by biting into a madeleine. This cake is an icon that testifies to the importance of all senses in memory recall, especially taste. Particular flavours can conjure up past events as well as dreams of the future. To digest is to interiorise, but what about what cannot be digested or metabolised? Throughout history, the tongue has been an executionary tool in systems of language, biological evolution, and socio-political landscapes. As borders are currently being reified throughout the EU, how might we project and enact this delineated imagination?

Fran Gallardo (SP) and Audrey Samson (CA) will contemplate these issues during a tasting event featuring a Nordic version of the madeleine cake. What would a Danish Madeleine taste like? A German or a Swedish Madeleine? Where would our memories take us?

The French pastry entrepreneur Nathalie Bonnot will serve samples of different Madeleine cakes.  

The event will be in English.

The tasting event is for free.

Audrey Samson (CA) is an artist-researcher currently completing a PhD at the School of Creative Media in Hong Kong. Her performative installations explore how memory and technical objects are iteratively reconfigured and entangled in the context of networked data archiving. Samson uses erasure of data as a performative strategy to examine the relationship between network materiality and forgetting. In works such as Chéri, ne me quitte pas and Goodnight Sweetheart, erasure is achieved by visceral chemical degradation and embalming procedures. Her artistic approach, informed by the cultural context of technology, is ethnographical and rooted in software studies. Samson's work has been presented at festivals and galleries throughout the Asia Pacific, Europe, and Canada.

Francisco Gallardo (SP) is a cultural “thingker” whose background includes studies in design, biochemistry and space systems engineering. Within the umbrella of critical practices, or practice as critique, Francisco's work explores forms of environmentally embedded violence as the interface between ecology, technology and society. He is currently developing forms of tongue-led inquiry into the multiple scales of biopower, governability and everyday life flowing through the North Sea. Some examples are the material intractability of global trade, the diminishing virtual negantropism of maritime finalisation, immiserated remote labour-power, alluring myths of ecological cosmopolitanism and other forms of slow violence. Francisco is a Doctoral Student in the School of Geography and the New Media Art and Technology Lab both at Queen Mary University.



Audrey Samson