01.Jan.2013 - 01.Jan.2017
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Vimeo channel

Since 2012, Kunsthal Aarhus has been documenting some of its activities and conducting short interviews. The Vimeo channel serves not only as an archive but a resource that expands our programme through creative documentation with local partners and video-makers. See all videos on our Vimeo channel here.

Sharing Curatorial Practice: Geoff Cox 
Sharing Curatorial Practice: Pirkko Siitari
Sharing Curatorial Practice: Nora Mayr & Lauren Reid
Sharing Curatorial Practice: Marina Fokidis
Sharing Curatorial Practice: Rosie Cooper
Sharing Curatorial Practice: Peggy Sue Amison
Dana Sherwood “Banquets in the Dark Wilderness” at Kunsthal Aarhus
SHAPED CANVAS TRACK at Kunsthal Aarhus
Franco Bifo Berardi: Cultural roots of the present failure of the EU
Unboxing: My Holy Nacho
Talk: Brian Holmes at Kunsthal Aarhus
N55: Extreme Sharing at Kunsthal Aarhus
Seminar: Avantgarde as Network, part 1-6
Museum of Ordure at Kunsthal Aarhus
Anne Kølbæk Iversen at Kunsthal Aarhus
Lars Bang Larsen and Sture Johannesson at Kunsthal Aarhus
Dave Hullfish Bailey at Kunsthal Aarhus
Morten Søndergaard / Show-Bix & on the project for Systemics #4
nervous systems – languages of wonder & denial at Kunsthal Aarhus
Sif Ankergård I Kunsthal Aarhus
Fran Gallardo tasting event  ”Aarhus water, Aarhus (earth) cola and edible flowers”

"We all suffer from capitalism, but we refuse treatment" by Lise Skou
R Y Sirb performance: "Workers of the World" at Kunsthal Aarhus
Jakob Kolding i Kunsthal Aarhus
Mogens Jacobsen
Mika Taanila at Kunsthal Aarhus
Installation of Waste Not as part of Systemics #3: Song Dong at Kunsthal Aarhus
Installation of Waste Not as part of Systemics #3: Song Dong at Kunsthal Aarhus, Part 2
Song Dong's installation Waste Not at Kunsthal Aarhus
Linda Hilfling i Kunsthal Aarhus
Jakob Jakobsen i Kunsthal Aarhus
Reading Machines 3
Marie Markman om bogværket "Et spiseligt landskab"
Graham Harwood from artist group YoHa at Kunsthal Aarhus
Reading Machines 2
Reading Machines
DIMIs, by audience
Lars Bang Larsen, Beyond The Curatorial Ego
Interview with Tarek Atoui


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