Published 07.12.2015

New Publication: The Pirate Book

The Pirate Book offers a broad view on media piracy as well as a variety of comparative perspectives on recent issues and historical facts regarding piracy. It contains a compilation of...

Published 22.04.2015

KA Cluster 125 Year Celebrations: 2042

Neil Cummings

2042 - KA Cluster, 125 year celebrations.

2042 - Future wellbeing overwrites debt as a source of value production.

2041 - The Cluster co-institutes economies of trust and attention....

Published 22.04.2015

Speculations on The Perfect Institution

With contributions by Neil Cummings,...

Published 20.01.2015

On Sharing

Wolfgang Sützl

When we say we share, what are we actually referring to? What kind of action is sharing? What do we know about it as something different from any form of exchange, economic or symbolic?


Published 25.09.2014

The Avant-garde and the Ultra-local: Tectonics, Systems and Sheep (2014)

Lars Bang Larsen

New commissioned essay for the Systemics #4: Aarhus Rapport - Avantgarde as  network (or, the politics of the ultralocal), by Lars Bang Larsen, co-curator of the exhibition....

Published 22.06.2014

Invisible Islands

Sébastien Pierre

Sébastien Pierre will be in residence at CAVI (Aarhus University) for the month of August to develop his project Invisible Islands that responds to...

Published 02.05.2014

Aarhus Rapport 1961-1969

Lars Bang Larsen
Joasia Krysa
Geoff Cox
Anne Kølbæk Iversen
Mathias Kokholm
Jacob Lund
Marianne Ping Huang
Lea Porsager
Morten Søndergaard

Research towards the fourth exhibition in the SYSTEMICS SERIES.

The research project Aarhus Rapport  takes the publication århus rapport 1961-1969 , an important but...

Published 14.01.2014

Poetry and Finance

Franco "Bifo" Berardi

Extract from the Chapter “Poetry and Finance” (pp. 136-140), published online with the kind permission of the author and Semiotext(e). First published in Franco “Bifo” Berardi, The Uprising:...

Published 21.08.2013

Entering the Flow

Boris Groys

Traditionally, the main occupation of human culture was the search for totality. This search was dictated by the desire of the human subjects to overcome their own particularity, to get rid of...

Published 26.07.2013

New G

Klaus Marthinus

A virtual curator’s dry and dusty account from standing alongside an association of artists

“Guirlanden” is on track in the building of arts. “Guirlanden” is an association of artists from...