Published 01.03.2013

Systemic(s) Events of Creativity

Jussi Parikka

History of media is much more interesting than the enthusiasm we experience in the contemporary. Social media cultures, media entrepreneurship, hype for disruptive technologies and all that sort...

Published 01.01.2013

Local Area Artworks

Geoff Cox
Clemens Klokmose
Matthias Korn
Anna Maria Polli

Kunsthal Aarhus is currently involved in a research collaboration with the Participatory IT Research Centre, Aarhus University, to explore the potential of wifi for open public participation in...

Published 26.12.2012

Kunsthal Aarhus 2017

Series of activities leading up to the centenary of Kunsthal Aarhus.

Published 11.12.2012

Curatorial Research

Kunsthal Aarhus develops curatorial research in partnership with the Institute of Aesthetics and Communication at Aarhus University, Denmark. The research aims...

Published 31.10.2012

Research Visit Towards Culture 2017

Song Dong

In connection with Culture 2017: Aarhus as European Capital of Culture and the Centenary Celebrations of Kunsthal Aarhus,we have invited the Beijing-based artist Song Dong to develop new work....