Publiceret 01.04.2017

Performances i Otobong Nkangas udstilling The Encounter That Took a Part Of Me

Til Kunsthal Aarhus har Nkanga udviklet denne installation som et rum, hvor en række forskellige møder kan finde sted. Her indgår naturen i dialogmed lokale performere og med de besøgende. Nkanga har inviteret musikere, dansere, digtere og performere fra hele byen til at reagere på tanken om “smagen af en sten”. De vil løbende interagere med installationen hen over udstillingsperiodens forløb.

31.03.17, 17:45
Simon Roy Christensen, score for sucking stones (lo wie, 2013)
Sound performance (15 min.)
score for sucking stones (2013) er et partitur for seksten sten af den sydkoreanske (lyd)kunstner lo wie. Værket er skrevet over en passage fra Samuel Beckett's Molloy (1951) og består af en serie af diagrammatiske transskriptioner af Molloy's dedikerede forsøg på at distribuere og efterfølgende sutte seksten sten ligeligt, "turn and turn about".

UDSKUDT nye datoer følger snarest:
Olof Olsson, Stoniness – thoughts on the stone as object and metaphor
Essay performance (45 min.)

Stones are such a self evident things, that we tend to forget the immense cultural importance of stones. Through the ages our stories and laws have been inscribed on stones. A stone carries the story of its own making, as an immense compression of time. This is a lecture performance, or rather, essay performance – in the Montaignian sense of the word. It's an attempt to organize the thoughts around a subject in the way one takes a walk – where there always are choices of where to go, while at the same time it's always possible to return a place one has been before.

18.04.17, 15:00
Marie Kølbæk, Tekno

Taking its cue from sci-fi writer Ursula K. LeGuin’s definition of technology as the ‘human interface with the material world,’ Marie Kølbæk Iversen proposes Tekno as a human machine composed of audience and artist; a machine which collectively perceives and processes the immanent particularity of a given space and time. Appropriating the distortional memetic properties of the messenger game and ‘rumors,' Kølbæk Iversen channels perceptions through this occasional human machine and logs the distorted words as a collectively abstracted documentation of Otobong Nkanga’s “Taste of a Stone” as it appears at Aarhus Kunsthal in the afternoon of April 18, 2017. The log will consecutively be donated to Otobong Nkanga for her archives.

22.04.17, 14:00
23.04.17, 14:00

Claus Haxholm
Sound performance

Claus haxholm vil opføre to særskilte performances i relation til udstillingen "Tastes Like Stone"- i den ene vil der blive opført en sang til- og igennem samarbejde med- sten og i den anden vil der også indgå ord og sten men med mere fokus på bevægelse og rum.

26.04.17, 17:00
Simon Roy Christensen, score for sucking stones (lo wie, 2013)
Sound performance (60 min.)

29.04.17, 14:00
Meredith Root-Bernstein

Meredith Root-Bernstein is interested in how the airplants in the show can find their way around such an apparently barren and hostile stony landscape-- finding a place to live when you are rootless also involves being mobile, even if the airplants themselves don't move.  The seeds of airplants are carried by the wind.  The performance will look at how and where airplant seeds move and end up.

07.05.17, 14:00
HAPS (Hele Aarhus' Poetry Slam)
Poetry reading

Lauge Lund og Mads Østergaard fra HAPS (Hele Aarhus Poetry Slam) vil performe spoken word poesi om stens abstrakte associationer og konkrete konnotationer.

13.05.17, 14:00
14.05.17, 14:00

Zeno van den Boek 
Sound performance (30 min.)
i samarbejde med SPOR Festival 2017

In ‘A flock of stones’ Zeno van den Broek explores the auditive qualities of stones in an electronic improvisation. The principle of the fracturing of a stone into multiple smaller stones can also be applied to the sound of a stone. The artist brings these small granules of the characteristic sounds of stones into musical movements and phrases, interacting with each other and the visitors present in the environment created by Nkanga.

24.05.17, 19:00
HAPS (Hele Aarhus' Poetry Slam)
Poetry reading

27.05.17, 14:00
Søren Krag Nielsen
(20 min.)

The performance will be centered around a practice of divination described in the old testament at the center of which is the application of two stones Urim and Thummim. Functioning as a kind of ancient history version of the magic eight ball, the stones were used by priests to answer yes–no questions. The performance will take the shape of a contemporary interpretation of the divination ritual. The performance will be open ended following the live casting of said stones.

28.05.17, 14:00
Sebastian Lowe & Amalie Vilslev Juelsgaard

Educated as visual anthropologists, Amalie and Sebastian have both worked intensively with interactions between the material world and the spiritual world. In this performance they will explore the interaction through sound and movement. They will listen, taste and resonate with the stones and the room, and invite the audience to witness the journey.