Boris Groys

  • Theorist

Boris Groys deltager i Systemics-programmet og beskæftiger sig med forholdet mellem teknologi og videnproduktion, og mere specifikt mellem internettet, materialitet og kunst.


"Traditionally, the main occupation of human culture was the search for totality. This search was dictated by the desire of the human subjects to overcome their own particularity, to get rid of their specific “points of view” that were defined by their “life forms” and to find access to a general, universal world view that would be valid everywhere and at every time."

"Today, the main place of the archives of any kind is, of course, the Internet. The Internet is often described in terms of a flow of information, data etc. In fact, the opposite is the case: The Internet is reversal of the flow, the anti-flow, it is a means to freeze, to stop the flow."

Filosof, kunstkritiker, essayist, medieteoretiker, kurator og internationalt anerkendt ekspert indenfor den russiske avant-garde, sen-sovjetisk modernisme, postmoderne kunst og litteratur, moderne medier såvel som moderne russisk folosofi og fransk poststrukturalisme. Han er Global Distinguished Professor ved Russian and Slavic Studies, New York University. Derudover er Groys professor i Filosofi og Medieteori ved 'The Hochschule für Gestaltung' i Karlsruhe siden 1994. Hans seneste publikationer inkluderer: Under Suspicion: A Phenomenology of Media (2012); Introduction to Antiphilosophy (2012); The Communist Postscripts (2010); Going Public (2010); Art Power (2008); Ilya Kabakov. The Man Who Flew Into Space From His Apartment (2006); Dream Factory Communism: The Visual Culture of the Stalin Period (2004); og The Total Art of Stalinism: Avant-Garde, Aesthetic Dictatorship, and Beyond (1992).