David Griffiths

  • Artist
  • Designer

David Griffiths, part of slub, is an award winning game designer, creative coder and livecoding artist, and part of FoAM ­an independent arts and research organisation. With an early education in weaving, bell ringing, 8 bit computers and animation, he worked in the games and film industries for 10 years (Moving Picture Company, Sony Eyetoy R&D) and went on to robotics research for the FP7 EU funded Lirec project with FoAM.

Alongside Aymeric Mansoux and Marloes de Valk he created the satirical Facebook game ŒNaked on Pluto¹ which won the Telefonica Vida competition in 2011. With Gabor Papp, he works on Fluxus ­ a widely used open source 3D game engine for livecoding worlds into existence, and performs internationally with Œslub¹ a livecoding algorithmic rave group. He also works with scientists for bioinformatics and science outreach work and lives and works in Falmouth, Cornwall.