Sonia Guggisberg

  • Artist

Born 1964.

Obtaining Ph.D. in Communication and Semiotics, from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP), under the guidance of Professor. Dr. Christine Greiner. Master of Arts, through the State University of Campinas (Capes Scholarship) obtained title in 2009. 

Acts as an artist, videomaker and researcher, participating in group and solo exhibitions, lectures and workshops since the 1990s. She has experience in site-specific and video installation and, today develops studies in videographic language for documentary, as a research object for doctorate.

Education /Titles
2011 PhD in Communication and Semiotics. ( FAPESP)
Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, PUC/SP, São Paulo, Brazil
Title: Urban and social underground in the city of São Paulo
Keywords: Testimony, urban and social Underground, Documentary,
Videographic writing
Areas of expertise: Video Arts, Contemporary Arts, Documentary

2007 - 2009 Master of Arts (CAPES).
Universidade Estadual de Campinas, UNICAMP, Campinas, Brazil
Title: Urban Bubbles, Year of degree: 2009
Keywords: Historic Estate, Urban Intervention, Ruins, Ephemerality, Water in
Art, Contemporary Art
Areas of expertise : Arts, Video Arts

2007 - 2009 (I)mobilidade [(Im)mobility]
Description: In the Project (I)mobilidade I dedicated myself to the theoretical-practical research,
focusing on the matter of time, with the objective of building a look on the contemporary illusion
of constant mobility. This research gathers a set of video installations and site specific, which
images where captured in pools, with the intention of catching the opposite of the silent,
introspective environment that the water provides. In (I)mobilidade the swimmers have their
movement contained by confinement, by a contrary force, a dead-end situation. They swim until
exhaustion, without going anywhere, they swim against the current, or remain stuck and
confined. The proposal consists in the reflection about the excess movement and information
that, at the same time, put people in constant movement and also paralyzes them. The present
survey proposes the establish the conceptual relationships of this production with contemporary
projects in video art.

2005 - 2009 Bolhas Urbanas (Urban Bubbles)
Description: With the objective of generating a relationship with the marks of time and physical
and social neglect, the project Urban Bubbles consisted in the achievement of a series of urban
interventions in Historic Estate ruins. With support from the competent organs, such as
Condephaat, DPH e IPHAN, the installation of giant transparent, inflatable objects, full o fair and
water, took place in historic and deteriorated locations. Like large lungs, they tended to
potentiate, precisely by impermanence. The mapping of the ruins came from a field survey
initiated by a personal look on abandonment. Through them, I could identify the deformation
process of identity that the local population suffers, in contact with the destruction of history and
with political neglect. This study, therefore, aimed to establish conceptual relations that
production with contemporary works and a look into the social and urban space.