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Frama, 100: The Kunsthal Aarhus Perfume

Price: 700 DKK / 1100 DKK with jewellery by Danish artist Lea Guldditte Hestelund.

The Aarhus Perfume 100 was created through an open call, in which citizens of Aarhus presented their ideas on the specific scent of Aarhus. The keynote of the perfume is based on the historical scent Cypre, the base for all 20th Century perfumes. Cypre was developed in 1917, the same year Kunsthal Aarhus was inaugurated. Cypre and the scents of Aarhus constitute a unique Aarhus perfume, which was launched on Kunsthal Aarhus’ 100-year anniversary.
Accompanying the perfume is a unique piece of jewellery created by Danish artist Lea Gulditte Hestelung. The necklace Liquid Comfort, handmade in silver, stamped and numbered, is a smaller version of a nose clip as known from competitive Swimming.