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Frama, 100: The Kunsthal Aarhus Perfume

Price: 700 DKK / 1100 DKK with jewellery by Danish artist Lea Guldditte Hestelund.

The Aarhus Perfume 100 was created through an open call, in which citizens of Aarhus presented their ideas on the specific scent of Aarhus. The keynote of the perfume is based on the historical scent Cypre, the base for all 20th Century perfumes. Cypre was developed in 1917, the same year Kunsthal Aarhus was inaugurated. Cypre and the scents of Aarhus constitute a unique Aarhus perfume, which was launched on Kunsthal Aarhus’ 100-year anniversary.
Accompanying the perfume is a unique piece of jewellery created by Danish artist Lea Gulditte Hestelung. The necklace Liquid Comfort, handmade in silver, stamped and numbered, is a smaller version of a nose clip as known from competitive Swimming.

Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet , Spectacles without Objects. Vinyl. Limited edition of 300. 300 DKK.

This edition by French artists Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet was produced on the occasion of the exhibition Spectacles without Objects in Kunsthal Aarhus in 2016. Hervé & Maillet recorded two different sets of songs with the choir Camera Sei, who specialize in 18th and 19th century music.





Gillian Wearing, Family Stories, 2017. Book. 50 DKK.

What does “family” mean today? In her sculpture project A Real Danish Family, the British artist Gillian Wearing asks this question in an artistic way. This catalogue documents the process behind her thought-provoking project and examines her work and the theme of family through the lens of art history.

The sculpture A Real Danish Family is initiated by Kunsthal Aarhus and this catalogue accompanies the exhibition Family Stories at SMK, Copenhagen.

Kristoffer Akselbo, LF Heavy Luxe, T-Shirt Eco-tex cert. Edition of 100. 250 DKK.

T-Shirt from Wild Wolf Shot performance of Kristoffer Akselbo executed at Eventhall’s Paintball field in Tranbjerg in relation to the exhibition Action Paint MMXVIII. Produced by Aarhus Festuge and Kunsthal Aarhus.

iwillmedievalfutureyou4, exhibition catalogue, english. 76 pages. 50 dkk.

Catalogue from the fourth exhibition in the exhibition series Iwillmedievalfutureyou, shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art from May to August 2016.

The catalogue consists of curator Jakob Fabricius introductions, which date to be written in a period from 770 to the year 2068, as well as essays by Grégorie Chamayou and Mark von Schlegell about the relationship between the past, present and future.

iwillmedievalfutureyou5, exhibition catalogue, English, 76 pages. DKK 50.

For the first time,
We can retrace the end of the old order.
– Michel Houllebecq

Exhibition catalogue for the fifth exhibition in the exhibition series iwillmedievalfutureyou, which was shown in Kunsthal Aarhus from November to December 2016. The catalogue consists of Grégoire Chamayous, Michel Houellebecqs, Nathalie Quintanes, Mark von Schlegells and Roman V. Yampolski's poetic and philosophical text contributions to the exhibition's study of the relationship between the past, the present and the future.

Sammy Baloji, Other Tales, exhibition catalogue. English, Swedish, Danish. 220 pages. DKK 100.

Exhibition catalogue for the exhibition Other Tales, which was the Congolese artist Sammy Balojis (born 1978) first solo exhibition in Denmark and Sweden. The catalogue presents Balojis works, and art critic and curator Matteo Lucchetti elaborates on how Baloji is working to deconstruct the idea of colonality. In addition, Joseph Kiweles libretto is written over the Congolese fairytale Chura na Nyoka (The Serpent and the Toad), as well as Johan Lagaes and Sofie Boonen's analytical text To create and shape a divided city: about the first "district for natives" in Lubumbashi, Commune Kalalondo, 1919-1929.

Learn more on the exhibition: https://kunsthalaarhus.dk/en/Exhibitions/Sammy-Baloji-Midlertidige-Udstillingsdatoer-Temporary-Exhibition-Dates

Theodora Allen, Saturnine, exhibition catalogue, english. 215 sider. 100 dkk.

Exhibition catalogue for Theodora Allen's exhibition Saturnine, which for the first time presented the Los Angeles-based contemporary artist in an institutional context. In connection with the exhibition, an associated monograph is published, Theodora Allen: Saturnine.

The monograph is written by the curator Stephanie Cristello. The evening-blue catalogue consists of an introduction to her artistic process, her work with specific symbols, temperaments and ancient astrology, and her sources of inspiration. In the book, Cristello explores Saturn and other of Allen's symbols from a cultural-historical perspective. Cristello links the themes in the works of Allen with previous Symbolist works, and through fictional pieces she looks at melancholia as a special atmosphere in art.

Learn more about Saturnine her: https://kunsthalaarhus.dk/en/Exhibitions/Theodora-Allen-Saturnine