Driving The Blues Away – An Info Comedy / Olof Olsson

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Language: English
Courtesy the Artist
Courtesy the Artist

What connects toblerone to Steve Jobs, cocaine, orange juice, the Virgin Mary, Heinz Ketchup, farts, and Immanuel Kant?

Olof Olsson takes you on a mind-bending ride of comic infotainment.

Driving the Blues Away is an info comedy racing through the histories of art, chocolate, cola-drinks, personal computers, philosophy, and theology. Along the way there’s a romantic melodrama – where Olof’s almost partner is seduced by an ultra famous software entrepreneur in the tax-free shop of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport. The whole thing is steeped in Olof’s twisted love of language: “Our language and the world are not always hooked up one-to-one. It’s a mess, and that makes us nervous. But it’s a funny mess.”