Finissage: Post Institutional Stress Disorder

Free entry

Soon we will clear Gallery 1 for the tumultuous group exhibition Post Institutional Stress Disorder. We will guide you out of your post-institutional stress disorder when our Artistic Director Jacob Fabricius and Art Critic Maria Kjær Themsen will discuss the exhibition while doing some yoga. We hope to see you with your yoga mat and tights.
The title of the exhibition is a play on PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a psychological disorder that can develop as a consequence of one or more traumatic experiences. The exhibition is, however, not concerned with traumatic experiences related to war or other instances of extreme stress, but to our experiences with institutions and how they influence our lives.

After this, we will raise the flag and thereby reveal Henrik Plenge Jakobsen's new flag to Kunsthal Aarhus.