Mourning Money: New Roles For The Artist

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NEW ROLES FOR THE ARTIST looks at how technologies might develop new ways of thinking and understanding artistic production. The symposium aims to further locate and discuss the future role of technology in art in relation to the agency of feminisms within an art context, and speculate how these together might be utilized in rethinking the production of art and the role of the artist.

What potentials and pitfalls do new technologies hold for future-oriented thinking around resistance and solidarity within art and feminisms under global capitalism? What happens to the role of embodiment and identity in the era of accelerating technology? With the consistent pressure to produce, how might we rethink the question of cultural/social/sexual production and reproduction?

With these overarching questions the symposium seeks to probe historical, as well as future-oriented, alignments of technological perspectives alongside feminist agency in order to question how these might shed light on horizons of possibility.

MOURNING MONEY is the overall title of three symposiums organised by UKK – Organisation for Artists and Curators. The aim is to investigate questions around art and finance, as they relate to the role of the artist, the circulation of work and novel organisational forms initiated by artists. The value of art and the artist’s labour is configured between disparate, yet mutually dependent, systems. The symposia will open discussions around: 1) Rethinking the role of the artist as subject to technology and feminisms. 2) The operative powers of a (post-)contemporary art practice. 3) Diverging functions of macro organisations in art.

UKK wants to strengthen the development of critical consciousness around systemic agencies in art, and relationships between art and finance. In doing so, UKK wishes to show how artists and curators are key constituents of said relationships, and have the capacity to directly affect them.

The event is free and open to all.

UKK is an independent, professional association, whose aim is to provide better conditions for contemporary art and its practitioners in Denmark. UKK was founded in 2002 and represents several occupational groups: artists, curators and mediators. The board of UKK works as a think tank and knowledge-sharing platform, enabling a crossing of these disciplines, which may look beyond the institutional conventions of art.