Inger Wold Lund
Alone or with Machines

The audiowalk Alone or with Machines is a work created by artist Inger Wold Lund for the exhibition Leviathan, curated by Piscine.

Inger Wold Lund has created a site-specific audio walk for Aarhus city Centre. The audio walk is a tactile experience in which personal stories are linked to the streets of the city and to the people who move through the public space. It is not an audio walk in the touristic sense, but an opportunity to experience the city with another voice in the head than your own. The audio walk deals with our relation to machines and questions our interaction with them, including how we more often touch the machine, than each other. The work focuses on who we are
in an encounter with the machine and how the machine affects our encounter with one another. Alone or with machines opens up the possibility of a new way of seeing what you perhaps usually miss, and of looking at what you see every
day. The sound of the audio walk is produced in collaboration with Brendan Howell.

To listen to the audio walk, please go to the large log of wood lying outside Kunsthal Aarhus, and press play. Using your own headphones to listen with is recommended. If you do not have your own headphones, listening equipment, including mp3-players, is available at the cafeteria at Kunsthal Aarhus during the opening hours.

"Last summer, in my bed, I was resting my head on my boyfriend's arm. When I daydream, he whispered in my ear, while pulling me closer, I always imagine a disaster. I am the only one to survive a plane crash. Or an armed robbery. I could feel his erect penis pressing against my back. Later, that same day, a friend of mine told me she can only come alone or with machines."

Duration: 30 minutes

Touching the city while listening to Alone or with Machines. Photo: Inger Wold Lund
Touching the city while listening to Alone or with Machines. Photo: Inger Wold Lund

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