Kunsthal Aarhus’ café and shop

In Kunsthal Aarhus' café area and shop you can experience the urban atmosphere of the city. The courtyard and surrounding park are close to the city but far away from traffic and noise. Here you can enjoy a refreshment from the café which offers a variety of hot and cold drinks and serves a selection of vegetarian food.

The colourful walls of the café are the work of French artist Nathalie Du Pasquier (b. 1957). The immersive artwork was originally created for the exhibition paintings of things. paintings as objects, which was shown at Kunsthal Aarhus from 9 June to 3 September 2023. Some of the elements such as tables and podiums from the exhibition have been reused in the café and the shop and are now creating a unique visual unity between the café and the shop.

The shop has a strong focus on unique books and publications. We work with many different publishers which is why you'll find for example prose and fiction that can't be bought anywhere else. The shop also has a selection of merchandise related to contemporary art or specifically to Kunsthal Aarhus.

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For more information, contact Matias Gulvad on: mgj@kunsthal.dk