Go Extreme

Art and extreme sports come together in an experimental exhibition at Kunsthal Aarhus.

Go Extreme is the title of a large, innovative exhibition project that transforms all of Kunsthal Aarhus into a vibrant place of extreme physical and mental feats. It is all about extreme sports and about how art can give us new and exciting perspectives on this fascinating phenomenon.

Humanity has a deeply seated urge to strive for freedom, for extraordinary experiences and for shoring up our own individual identity. Extreme sports embody these longings and show us that we all relate to such feelings in one way or another. Maybe we want to feel more alive? Maybe we need to reconnect with our own body? Maybe we are just hungry for an invigorating shot of adrenaline that can tear us briefly away from the humdrum routines of life?

Cutting across many different spheres of interest, Go Extreme offers a wide audience the opportunity to delve deeper into these exciting topics and perhaps get to know themselves better through extreme sports, the body and the arts.

Go Extreme uses extreme sports as a vehicle for takin a closer look at our relationship with issues of ecstasy and spirituality, and how the limitations of the human body are constantly being challenged and transcended through the performance of athletes. At the same time, the exhibition also examines other aspects of the realm of extreme sports: how it can represent a pursuit of identity and status and all that follows in its wake, including an extreme dedication to training and the honing of both body and mind.

How can art explore the limits found within extreme sports? What happens when artists defy norms and consequences in order to probe and cross the boundaries that define art? How does art become extreme? Indeed, what happens when art becomes extreme?

To help us find answers to such questions, we have invited athletes such as the six-time Stand Up Paddle world champion Casper Steinfath, extreme runner Kristina Schou Madsen, ironman athlete Terence Steinberg and ultra-runner Stine Rex, and you will be able to explore works of art by artists such as Sissel Tolaas, Trisha Cheeney, Ditte Gantriis, Søren Thilo Funder, Mik Stampe and Flying Frenchies.

In the autumn of 2020, we brought together extreme sports athletes, artists and scholars at Kunsthal Aarhus for a number of discussion-sparking and story-telling events as a prelude to the exhibition, which opens in August 2021.


#1 Ekstremsport og kunst / 23.09.2020

#2 Ekstremsport, kamp og krig / 28.10.2020

#3 Ekstremsport i ekstreme omgivelser / 04.11.2020

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