Kunsthal Aarhus BBC

The kiosk Mælkebøtten – first step to visit Kunsthal Aarhus BBC
The kiosk Mælkebøtten – first step to visit Kunsthal Aarhus BBC

Kunsthal Aarhus BBC is the new branch of Kunsthal Aarhus that opens in Copenhagen the 1st of January 2021.

Kunsthal Aarhus BBC will take place on Vesterbrogade 208, 1800 Frederiksberg C, which is home to the PO Box Centre.
The measurement of the exhibition space is height 11 x width 23 x depth 38 cm.

How to visit Kunsthal Aarhus BBC:

1 – Go to the kiosk Mælkebøtten, Vesterbrogade 198, 1800 Frederiksberg C. Leave your ID card in exchange for the keys to Kunsthal Aarhus BBC (you will get your ID back, when you return the keys). In the keychain, you will find further information.
2 – Go to the PO Box Centre, Vesterbrogade 208, 1800 Frederiksberg C. Open the frontdoor with the Ruko key.
3 – Find the PO Box nr. 171 and open it with the key market with nr. 171.
4 – Voila! The current exhibition will now appear before your eyes. Remember to use hand sanitiser before and after the visit.
5 – Please return the keys to Mælkebøtten before 22 pm.

Each month during 2021 one artist is invited to exhibit at Kunsthal Aarhus BBC. Here the visitors will be able to visit and experience the exhibition in our daily opening hours between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM. Each exhibition opens on the first day of the month and closes on the last day of the month.
Mira Winding (B. 1992) is the first exhibiting artist from 1. January to 31. January 2021. Then, in February Maiken Stæhr will be the next artist to exhibit followed by Sophie Nys (BE) in March.

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The concept is developed by artist Pernille Kapper Williams and Artistic Director Jacob Fabricius. Kunsthal Aarhus BBC meets the demand of growing interest from visitors in the capital region and the Danish Press – who for one reason or the other can not visit Kunsthal Aarhus on a daily, monthly or yearly basis.
A one-to-one art experience of Kunsthal Aarhus – in Copenhagen. We believe that the exhibition at Kunsthal Aarhus BBC will generate a new, intimate and unique art experience.

Kunsthal Aarhus BBC is a COVID19 friendly visiting experience. Only two people are allowed at a time. We encourage people you use hand sanitiser before and after the visit to Kunsthal Aarhus BBC.

Sophie Nys, Mnemosyne, 2021

Sophie Nys (b. 1974, BE) uses sculpture, photography, installation art, video and text in her subtly humorous, whimsical explorations of philosophical, historical, political and artistic issues. In her practice, Nys investigates how sculptural objects, shapes and elements from everyday life can blend into their surroundings, thereby challenging these surroundings and asking them questions while at the same time remaining utterly present in the here and now. Sophie Nys develops her own idiosyncratic rules (for example by playing around with words, titles and forms) for what a work of art is, how it is defined and presented. By applying refreshing, humorous and poetic twists, Nys creates her own space and her own methods defining how we perceive a work of art, an object and a space.

For Kunsthal Aarhus BBC, Nys has created a multiple: 300 editions of a do-it-yourself work that visitors can take home with them. Nys has long been interested in black voids, blackness, and the visible invisible in works of art history such as Gustave Courbet's L'Origine du monde The Origin of the World. With this work, Nys will combine this interest with questioning the qualities and potentials of painting. At Kunsthal Aarhus BBC, visitors will be able to take home a piece of canvas which Nys has painted black on one side. By following the accompanying instructions, you can to tie the canvas into a knot, giving it a butterfly-like character, and create and intimate and inaccesible spot within the knot.

Voila! In this way, Kunsthal Aarhus BBC visitors can bring home a bit of obscure Sophie Nys blackness.

Maiken Stæhr, Poetic Logistics, 01.02-28.02.2021

Maiken Stæhr (b. 1992) works in a field where sculpture, movement and performance intersect, combining performative experiments with sculptural interventions

Mira Winding, All My Boyfriends Are Soldiers, 01.01.-31.01.2021

Mira Winding (b. 1992)

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